History HOTEL Chérica

More than a hotel, a story written with elegance

The History of Hotel Chérica – Constanta

Hotel Chérica is more than just a hospitality dwelling; it represents an unparalleled story written over a period of more than 122 years.

Hotel Chérica tells its beautiful story through every detail, carefully designed to fit its refined and subtle style, from paintings to exterior inscriptions and through the overall architectural style.

The original hotel building was erected in 1896 with the purpose of being a place of rest for the Romanian orthodox monks who would travel to and from the St. Mount Athos, then known by the name of “Hotel Calugarul”.

Several years later, at the end of the 19th century, Anton Doiciu, a prominent businessman with real estate properties in Bucharest, Iasi, Galati, Sinaia and Constanta, would purchase this important building known for its historical heritage and its avant-garde architecture. After his death in 1918, the building is passed on as an inheritance to his daughter, Pulcheria Doiciu, whom everyone called “Chérica”, the lady who later would offer this place its identity and authenticity meant to last over decades to come. In 1931, Pulcherica Doiciu marries Prince Dimitrie Gr. Sturdza, thus becoming Princess Pulcheria Sturdza.

In 1950, the building is taken away and being nationalized by the communist regime, and the following decades would mark its darkest times of existence.

In 2003, the building that was by now completely deteriorated and damaged, reenters into the possession of its rightful owner – The Sturdza Family - and a very intense and assiduous process of rehabilitation, restoration and modernization begins, led by non-other than Prince Serban Dimitire Sturdza, Chérica’s grandson !

The building regains its spark from times past, and in 2008 opens its doors as the brand new Hotel Chérica. In a very short amount of time the hotel becomes a very special place, sought after by tourists, blending together historical and modern elements, drawing crowds from afar who come to uncover its fascinating story.