Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy and personal data protection

All your personal data will be used by the reservation system exclusively for the purposes declared. The information you entered in your online form will be used to send you a reservation confirmation and promotions.

“Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala”, the administrator of website, will not make public nor sell the personal data of its clients. As per law #677/2001 on the handling and free circulation of personal data (modified and completed) and law #506/2004 on the handling of personal data and privacy in the area of digital communications, “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” has the obligation of safely managing the personal data it is provided, and only for the purposes declared. This information is collected for delivery and billing. If a client refuses to provide the personal information required, the hotel will not be able to honour the reservation.

The recorded data is to be used by “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” and will not be communicated to any other recipient. As per law #677/2001, the client has the right to access or modify the data, the right not to be submitted to an individual decision and the right to appeal to justice. The client also has the right to oppose the handling of his personal data and to ask for its deletion through an official procedure.

Should any personal information be incorrect, the client can send the right information to “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” cannot share the personal data of its clients with any third party, except its direct marketing provider. However, the administrator can share the data with the competent authorities if the law requires a verification of commercial transactions or any other type of verification. Since the personal data stored on the website is transmitted digitally, “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” cannot be held accountable in any way if the data is lost or copied by an unauthorized individual through the use of a device or a data interception software.

Should a user report such a violation, “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” will take all the necessary measures and provide all the required files to the competent authorities for investigation and resolution. The information collected by “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” will only be used for the purposes declared (booking reservations, sending messages to the staff, billing, etc.) as per the laws in effect. “Sturdza Serban Dimitrie Intreprindere Individuala” cannot be held accountable of any errors caused by the user’s negligence in regards to the safety and privacy of his account and password. Any attempt to access the personal information of another user, of modifying the content of the website or of affecting the performance of the server will be considered an attempted fraud and will trigger criminal procedures against the individual or individuals responsible for such actions.